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Riding Lessons

Star Galaxy Stables offers the highest standard of Saddle Seat riding instruction for youth and adults of any skill level. Saddle Seat is an 'English' discipline, and it focuses on the brilliance and charisma of the horse's movement. All Saddle Seat riding is done on the flat; we do not jump.

All lessons include the fundamentals of horse and tack care for pleasure riding or for the show ring. Students groom their lesson horses before riding under the supervision and instruction of a knowledgeable teacher for 30 - 45 minutes.

Students are required to wear long pants, a well-fitting sleeved shirt, and an ASTM/SEI certified helmet while riding. Students are encouraged to wear Kentucky Jodhpurs and approved riding boots, but jeans or other sturdy long pants with heeled boots are acceptable.

For more detailed information, please click on the links to the PDF documents below.
Saddle Seat: A Brief History and Summary (.pdf)
Rider FAQ's (.pdf)
New Rider Questionnaire (.pdf)

  All lesson charges are payable at the 1st lesson of the month.

Lesson Program

  • Weekly Scheduled Private Lessons: $220 per month
  • Twice Weekly Scheduled Private Lessons: $400 per month
  • Weekly Scheduled Semi-Private Lessons (one hour sessions): $180 per month
  • Tiny Tot Lessons (abbreviated private lessons for children 6 and under): $180 per month
  • Introductory Private Lead-Line Lesson: $50 per lesson
Lesson students are allowed to work off part or all of the price of lessons by taking on shift(s) of feeding and cleaning stalls.  Please discuss with Sharon Niles.


Sharon Niles, head trainer at Star Galaxy Stables, has years of experience training American Saddlebreds and various other breeds to success in the show ring. She has ridden from a very young age and competed against some of the top riders in the U.S. during her career. She recently trained 'The Winged Rambler' (barn name 'Jack'), a rescued 18-year-old American Saddlebred, to a successful show driving career (read his story at She takes pride in understanding and shaping a horse's mind to bring it to its full potential as both a show horse and a polite member of society.

Star Galaxy Stables offers training for all horses, from completely unbroken to the finishing touches for an accomplished show or companion horse. Basic manners, ground training, long lining, driving, 'spooking', and complete training in serving as a riding horse are covered. 

Since every horse is different, Sharon realizes that the training needs for each individual horse will vary. For details about training, please contact Sharon at 314-606-9761, [email protected], or via our Contact Page to discuss your horse's needs.

For details on boarding options for your horse during its training, please visit our 'Facilities and Boarding' page.

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Meet the Horses

Riding students may have the opportunity to show Star Galaxy Stables' school horses at various horse shows throughout the year at the instructor's discretion.