Expert trainer, Passionate riders, and a Welcoming environment!

Star Galaxy Stables offers Saddle Seat riding and driving instruction for youth and adults of any skill level, along with professional training for American Saddlebred horses.

Why Saddle Seat?

American Saddlebreds are unlike any other breed - their elegant, high-stepping action offers one of the most thrilling rides, and yet some of the smoothest gaits in the horse world.  Many say that if you can master the art of Saddle Seat riding, you gain vital skills to easily transition and excel at other riding disciplines.

Conveniently located near Chesterfield, Missouri, Star Galaxy Stables provides students with experienced school horses in a bright, well-ventilated arena; the closest access to some of the most beautiful horse trails in the state, and, if desired, the opportunity to compete in exciting horse shows with a fun and passionate team of riders. If you are looking to purchase a horse, our trainer provides consulting and acquisition services to ensure a successful equine partnership.
~Star Galaxy Stables ~ Sharon Niles, Head Trainer ~ [email protected] ~ 314-606-9761 ~ 850 Babler Park Dr. Chesterfield, MO 63005 ~
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